Broadcasting Industry

broadcasting-industry-imageAs I made my way through Baldwin Wallace University as a Film Studies major, Mass Communications Broadcasting minor; earning my BA. I’m also making my way through the Ohio Media School learning, some new things and some not so new things.

However, one variable remains constant in all of this and that is to  get a job in the broadcasting industry; whether it is in radio, television, and or film. I’ve been interning at a local radio station in Oberlin, Ohio I started interning there in October; my work mostly consists of looking to see if national commercial spots are uploaded into their network, and if they’re not I then upload the commercials for the following week. I do this task every Thursday morning and I really enjoy doing the traffic spots because it allows me to apply things I learned while I was in college; processing meta. I also have the responsibility of picking, cutting, and processing the movie clip into the stations network for their Thursday movie trivia question. In addition, to interning at WOBL & WDLW I took a  writing job for NEO Sports Insiders and All Cleveland Sports; where I’ll be focusing on high school hockey around the Lorain County Are. I will be creating, entertaining well-thoughtout articles that will keep the reader engaged all the way through to the end.

All in all my overall experience while being a student here; the campus coursework, on-line work, and internships don’t seem to be that daunting, maybe because I went to a four-year traditional college before I came here.



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