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twitter-logoTwitter is now Monitoring inappropriate behavior; amid election results

In a new study conducted by Twitter’s head of safety, Del Harvey, it’s now taking a look at a number of tweets that have been posted by users who have made derogatory, inflammatory messages about other members on their site. They claim the reason there has been an increase in these inappropriate comments stem from last Tuesday’s Presidential Election, when Donald Trump won the Electoral College vote.

When Twitter was made aware of this, they acted swiftly, by monitoring each tweet that used phrases that depicted hate speech, and made it clear that these kinds of tweets will not be tolerated on their site, and anyone who makes these comments will be in violation of their code of conduct rules. Even President-elect Trump has taken a stance and has told people to recuse themselves from such behavior and the FBI came out with a statistic on hate crimes, which have rose 7%, mostly affecting the Muslim American community.



U.S. Navy bought Software, not Pirated

The U.S. Navy has responded to allegations and denies that it stole a 3D software package from a German company, Bitmanagement Software GmbH, which has been installed into a number of machines. The German software company says that the Navy had pirated their software without there consent and is now suing them for $600 million. However, the U.S. Navy claims it received consent from the software’s producer, the Navy states that it had permission to install the program on hundreds of thousand of computers because it purchased 38 licenses for 38 machines. The Navy admits that it should’ve purchased more of these licenses than just the 38 they claim to have already purchased from the German software company, but they argue that there was never a limitation on how or when they would be distributed to other government, military instillations because they weren’t informed or aware there was a dissemination law of how they used the purchased software.



Tom Brady pokes fan at Delfategate in New Ad

It has been six weeks after Tom Brady‘s 4-game Delflategate suspension for his involvement in the 2015 AFC Championship game against the Indianapolis Colts that allowed his New England Patriots to win and ultimately go on to defeat the Seattle Seahawks in the Super Bowl. After all of the litigation, briefs, and appeals, it looks like Tom Brady can now start to laugh at the whole thing. While shooting a new ad for Foot Locker for his new shoe coming out in their yearly “Week of Greatness” campaign. The commercial shows to friends walking into a diner with Brady’s new shoes in their hand begin arguing back and forth about how someone can stay successful year after year without father time stepping in and intervening. Tom Brady over hears this conversation and begins to ask them questions, long story short he ends up brushing it off as, if nothing ever happened to him, and eventually poking fun of the whole Delflategate controversy.


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