Who will win the Academy Award for Best Director?


Who will win the Academy Award for Best Director at this years Oscar ceremony, many notable directors will get considered for this prestigious award. La La Land premiered at Toronto this past September and it received positive reviews from critics and moviegoers who saw the film. La La Land was directed by Damien Chazelle, who made the acclaimed film Whiplash. Martin Scorsese has a new film, Silence, which hasn’t premiered yet, but is full of Oscar buzz from the critics, Scorsese has a long-history of making films that are revered by the Academy.

The next possible nominee is Warren Beatty, who has made other films in the past, such as Reds in 1981, and with this film took, he took over his first Best Director win. His new film Rules Don’t Apply comes out November 23 and has received positive reviews from a number of the critics. Clint Eastwood isn’t a stranger when it comes to receiving Academy Award nominations for his directing abilities. Eastwood’s new film Sully, which premiered back in September, way before there was a lot of Oscar buzz surrounding any films. Jeff Nichols new film, Loving, received a standing ovation from the Cannes Film Festival this past year. Nichols is already acclaimed for many of his films, but this one could get him his first best director win. If any of these worthy filmmakers get nominated it will be a first for two of the five; Chazelle, Nichols, and multiple best director award wins for Scorsese, Beatty, and Eastwood.


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