Mission Statement







The mission statement of my blog is to provide entertainment, with factually based information, and insight for the blogs I post to my website to anyone who is interested in the film, television, and the radio industry. I will write on what the current issues are surrounding these topics because the fundamental purpose of my blog is to give feedback about what films are going to be made, what films will be going through the film festival circuit, what films are going to theaters, and what films will be nominated for the Academy Awards.

In addition, I will provide supportive, thought provoked posts about television, and the radio industry, such as new shows that will be premiering on broadcast television, cable programming, and other streaming sources, such as; Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, and others on what shows to watch, especially those with possible Emmy Award implications.

My mission statement will also include entertainment blogs; about music, art, and culture, and other various topics that pertain to entertainment. I will use many respected and well-known sources, such as indiewire.com, nytimes.com, latimes.com, rollingstone.com, and many more respectable sources so I can write the most informed posts on my website.

I will use keywords that uniquely title each of my blogs, which will have keywords or phrases that focus on each topic, and will be tagged with chosen keywords that encourage people to click on the metadata to inquire about information that wasn’t in my post, but will give the reader additional information on the individual topic.

My blog will allow people to share my posts on other social media sites; they can also subscribe to previous blogs that have been posted, and you can easily find blogs that have been archived with my easy to navigate homepage.

At the end of my blog posts, there will be links to other relevant websites, and I ask for people to give feedback, comments, and questions, and I ask that others who read my blogs to share these on other social media platforms.


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