Upcoming Films I want to See


With the Oscar season already in full swing I have been disappointed so far because in September Sully and The Magnificent Seven both came to the theaters. I was not impressed by either one, lets face it we know what we’re going to get when Clint Eastwood, Sully, makes a film because he uses the same kinds of shots in every film he directs. Don’t get me wrong Clint Eastwood is one of the best directors of all-time, but he needs to change his approach up a little bit, especially when you have other directors, like Alfonso Cuaron with Gravity and Alejandro G. Inarritu with Birdman and The Revenant raising the bar so high. The Magnificent Seven was a remake of the 1960’s original version, which did not live up to the hype that surrounded the films opening release, experts had Denzel Washington pegged as winning his second Best Actor Award at this years upcoming Oscars, but his performance wasn’t on-par with other Best Actor’s in the past. His performance was a little-bit above average; it left you leaving the theater with an after thought, nothing really to talk about around the water cooler on Monday.

There are three films that I’m really looking forward to seeing, Loving, Manchester by the Sea, and La La Land, all three films are considered to get multiple Academy Award nominations.


Loving made its premiere at this years Cannes festival in May; the film is directed by Jeff Nichols and stars Joel Edgerton and Ruth Negga. Joel Edgerton is considered to be the front-runner at this years Academy Awards for Best Actor with his performance as Richard Loving and Ruth Negga is going to get many votes and a possible nomination for Best Actress for her performance as Mildred Jeter Loving. I have not seen Loving yet, but it opens up this weekend November 4, 2016. I have watched the trailer numerous times, what I’ve seen so far from the trailer I believe Joel Edgerton’s portrayal of Richard Loving will be a career defining role. I have read many articles about the film, which is based in the late 1950’s about an interracial couple living in Virginia, but they go to Washington D.C. to get married. They return to live in Virginia to start a family; both get arrested in their bed while they’re sleeping at home because it is against the law for whites and blacks to get married. This is according to the U.S. Constitutions fourteenth amendment so that’s all I’m going to say about this film, however, I do know how this film ends because of the extensive research I’ve done, but that won’t stop me from seeing this movie.


Manchester by the Sea premiered at Sundance this past January the distribution rights were bought by Amazon Studios for $10 million, and is scheduled for a November 18, 2016 release. Kenneth Lonergan directed the film, which stars Casey Affleck, Michelle Williams and Kyle Chandler. I have seen this trailer only a hand-full of times, from what I have seen of the trailer is Lee Chandler, Casey Affleck’s brother Joe Chandler, Kyle Chandler, dies and now Lee Chandler becomes the guardian of Joe’s young son, Patrick Chandler, Lucas Hedges. Stop me if you’ve heard this story before; older sibling dies and now the younger sibling has to take care of the child. A lot of experts have praised Affleck’s performance as being one of his best and they consider his performance in Manchester by the Sea to be Academy Award worthy as one of the five Best Actors, if he gets nominated this will be his first.


La La Land premiered at Venice this past August, and is set for a December 9, 2016 release. The film was written and directed by Damien Chazelle; you might remember him as the writer, director of Whiplash. The film stars Ryan Gossling as Sebastian, Emma Stone as Mia, and J.K. Simmons, as Boss, who won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor in 2015 for his performance in Whiplash. I’m not a big fan of musicals I would much rather hear people talk back and forth between each other, but I have seen the teaser trailer ever since I first started hearing about this film. From what I’ve seen in the trailer so for is, it has a lot of blues and reds as a consistent theme throughout the film. The film is about an aspiring actress, Mia, who works as a barista on a movie lot in Los Angeles serving coffee to actors, and actresses and Sebastian who is a jazz pianist. They meet fall in love, but there careers are threatening their budding relationship and they must choose love or a career? Ryan Gossling’s performance could land him his second Best Actor nomination and this film could also land Emma Stone her first Best Actress nomination, she was previously nominated for a Best Supporting Actress for her role in Birdman. I hope this film isn’t like too many other musicals I’ve seen in the past.

All three of these films should receive multiple Academy Award nominations, according to the experts. I’m really looking forward to seeing La La Land I enjoy films that are written and directed well. I just hope the rest of this years Oscar films are not as disappointing as the first few have been for me.


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