What Happened to the Music Industry?

Looking back on my life through the years and I’m glad I was born in the era I was born in. Being born in the early-80’s I was very fortunate to have a parent who loved listening to The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin, now at the time I didn’t realize how lucky I was that I was getting exposed to this music at a young age. In addition, to my mom playing their music in the car, she would also buy the VHS tapes, and watch them out in our living room I would go out there from time-to-time because I could hear the music, do to the fact that she had the volume up so high. These tapes were from when they were younger men and at the time I didn’t or couldn’t grasp the concept of this, and in a way, I didn’t want to see them in the past I wanted to see them in the present.

Many years later, on my own, I finally figured out what my mom was trying to accomplish, she was trying to introduce me to history, and even though it wasn’t as significant as winning a war, it still was history nonetheless. Involuntarily I was learning music history I don’t begrude my mom for making me listen to this music in the car, which she would quiz me on the name of the artist who’s song was playing. In fact, it’s completely the opposite I would like to thank her for this because I was being taught who was who. I know I mentioned three influential bands, but there were so many more, its just that these were her favorites, and now they’re my favorites.

When I get into my car, either in the morning or in the afternoon I hear what is labeled as music, but I can’t see how it can even be called that because it all sounds the same. The guitarist these days use the same strings in every one of their songs, all they do is rearrange how the cords are strummed, but they’re not making the songs sound that different than the previous song they recorded. Listen to Stairway to Heaven, Dazed and Confused, and Heartbreaker by Led Zeppelin; once you hear those three different songs, you will see that none of the songs sounds remotely similar. The same can be said for songs that The Beatles and The Rolling Stones recorded in their careers, you can’t say the same thing about current recording artists of today. I feel ashamed in the way the music industry is going because it is no longer art, people are just recording music for the sake of recording music. It has become increasingly easier for singers, songwriter, and bands to record songs because of how easily accessible it is to get your hands and inexpensive equipment is to buy.





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