The Torment of Being a Cleveland Sports Fan

I’ve grown up and been around this area my whole life, when I was young my family tried to turn me into a diehard Cleveland sports fan; they wanted me to be a fan of the Browns, Indians, and Cavaliers. But as much and as hard as they tried I couldn’t make myself become a Browns fan, I’ve been to Jacob’s Field, now Progressive Field a lot when I was young, my mom would take me to games so I guess in away I did become of a fan of them.

When the Indians made it to the World Series in 1995 and 1997 the city of Cleveland was a buzz because everyone thought the Indians would finally bring the city a long awaited championship, but that never came to fruition. The Indians lost in six games to the Atlanta Braves in 1995, and again, in 1997 to the Florida Marlins in seven games, but this year the Indians defeated the Toronto Blue Jays in five games to make another long-waited trip to the fall classic.

I watched the Cavs in the late-80’s and I remember the shot Michael Jordan made on Ehlo during the 1989 playoffs, but in the late-90’s when the core of the Cavs broke up, either due to injury, trade, or retirement. At that point the Cavs started to go through some lean years and they weren’t winning many games each season the city went through what seemed to be many stages of depression. When the Cavs drafted LeBron James out of high school in 2003 I suddenly found myself watching a lot of their games; everyone knew his story Akron kid who was a basketball prodigy and now he was supposed to be the savior the city of Cleveland was waiting for.

For the past two seasons the Cavs have made consecutive trips to the NBA Finals, losing to the Golden Warriors in 2015, but winning the NBA Championship this past summer; again, there opponent was the Golden State Warriors, who set an NBA in wins with 73, breaking the 1996 Chicago Bulls record of 72, but they were able to complete the historical milestone with an NBA Title.

After a 52-year drought the city of Cleveland could call themselves a city of Champions again. The last major-sports title the city of Cleveland had was in 1964 with the Brown, but that championship was three years before the first Super Bowl so the Brown have not been relevant for many years, yeah, sure they had winning seasons, but they would always somehow, someway break their fans heart. I’ve come to the realization that the Brown may never have another winning season while I’m alive, you have a better chance of seeing them make another quarterback change before you see them have a winning season.

Good thing we have the World Series this year and the upcoming Cleveland Cavaliers season right around the corner; the first game of the World Series will be this Tuesday night in downtown Cleveland and across the way you have the Cavaliers home opener, where they get to raise their Championship banner and get their Championship rings.


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