Best Screenwriter of all-time

When film began in the late 1800’s and into the early 1900’s some people didn’t realize that silent films had scripts involved, even though you couldn’t hear what was being said, and that’s why you had title cards so the viewer could keep up into what was happening in the film they were watching. The first ever Academy Award for Best Screenplay was presented in 1940. Subsequently there were different winners each year, which is normal because if the same person kept winning that wouldn’t have made the award as big as it is today.

In addition to winning the Academy for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress, and Best Screenplay, Adapted and Original, these became known as the big five. Only four films in the history of the Academy Awards have won the big five, but one of the best screenwriters of all-time was Dalton Trumbo. Over the course of his career, Trumbo won two Academy Awards for Roman Holiday (1954) and the Brave One (1957), which were known as Best Story at that time, but it was later eliminated to make room for the Best Screenplay category. Even though Trumbo was successful he was involved in some controversy during his time as a writer because he was a part of the Communist party and this raised peoples eye brows and after an inquiry by the Federal Government he got blacklisted, along with a list of other writer, directors and others.

This became known as the “Hollywood 10”, by studios in Hollywood and was unable to find work. After this to keep himself employed he worked under a pseudonym and found work writing for small, however, under his pen name he won his second Academy Award, but he was unable to accept the award. In 1960, Kirk Douglas approached Dalton Trumbo about adapting the book Spartacus into a screenplay, but Kirk Douglas was not going to use his pen name, he wanted to use his actual name. Which eventually broke the blacklist, but that didn’t come without controversy because people threatened to boycott the films premiere.  A lot of out of work people who were out of work were allowed to return, thanks to Kirk Douglas having the audacity to list Dalton Trumbo as the films screenwriter.


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