LeBron’s scoring through the years

When LeBron entered the NBA in 2003-2004 as an eighteen year old there was a lot of hype surrounding him, by being drafted by the hometown Cleveland Cavaliers created an even greater expectation that was placed upon him. The first two years of him being in the league his team failed to qualify for the playoffs, but his scoring had been in the top-1o and he had led the Cavaliers in scoring each of his first two years. In year three his team finally made the playoffs. Even though the Cavaliers had made the playoffs, had the best record, and LeBron won two straight MVP awards, the fans had become impatient and restless.

In the summer of 2009-2010, once the Cavaliers had been eliminated in the playoffs by the Boston Celtics, LeBron became a free agent and was able to sign with any team of his choosing.  had chose to sign a four-year deal with the Miami Heat. After two years in Miami, LeBron chose to return to the Cleveland Cavaliers, making his heroic return to the city of Cleveland. However, it seemed where ever LeBron was playing his scoring average had stayed consistent, including the playoffs. The graph at the bottom shows his scoring through his career.



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